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Domain Names

Domain Names

Are you wanting to start a business? do you need a website? registering a domain is the first logical step. we register most top level domains from ‘.co.za’ and ‘.com’, to ‘.org’ and ‘.info’.

Why should you have your own ‘domain’?

  • It serves as the permanent address for your website and email.

  • It sets you apart from others using borrowed domains. If your business is called “Sugar Fun” there is no doubt that sending people to www.sugarfun.com is more professional than sending people to sugarfun.anothersite.com or anothersite.sugarfun.com.

  • You have the ability to create a number of professional email accounts in the name of your company e.g. [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

  • People will naturally search for your website using the name of your company, and have more chance of finding your business online.

Already have a host and want to transfer?

If you are looking at transferring your existing domain to Webstyles, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit our client portal and sign up for a new website hosting account.

  • When signing up for your new website hosting service, select to transfer your domain.

  • Send us a support ticket with your current website hosting account login details.

  • Send an email to your current website hosting provider and request that they accept your domain transfer ticket sent to them from Webstyles.

Chat to one of our friendly support team members now for assistance 

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